Tentative Disney Itinerary

Heights High School

June 14-20, 2020

(Available payment methods at the bottom of page)


Sunday June 14, 2020

  • @8pm - Meet in Heights High school band room
  • @10pm - Depart from Heights High School

Monday June 15, 2020

  • @2pm - Arrive/check-in at Disney All Star Resorts (Sports, Music, or Movies themed hotel- choose one)

Monday June 15, 2020 - Free day at the hotel

  • Enjoy the Pool Area or Arcade at the resort
  • Take Shuttle to Disney Springs for Shopping, Dinning, Entertainment, and Activities

Tuesday June 16, 2020 - Hollywood Studios

  • Park hours 6am-10pm

Wednesday June 17, 2020 - Magic Kingdom

  • Park hours 7am-9pm
  • Enjoy the park for a few hours then the Performing Arts staff will contact you and show you where to change and set up (usually by splash gate). You will then march in a parade through Magic Kingdom/ down Magical Lane.
  • (More details to follow closer to departure date, performance may be Tuesday or Thursday).

Thursday June 18, 2020 - Animal Kingdom

  • Park Hours 7am-9pm

Friday June 19, 2020 - Travel Day

  • @8am - Eat Breakfast
  • @10am - Depart for Houston, TX

Saturday, June 20, 2020

  • @ 2am - Arrive at Heights High School

Price Break Down

Transportation (50 passenger Charter Bus): $250 per person

Rooms: $200 (Disney All- Star Resort-- Movies, Music, or Sports themed resort)

3 Day Theme Park Tickets: $250 per person

Disney Dinning Card: $150 per person ($50 per day can be used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at most table service, counter service, and snack cart locations throughout Disney)

Driver Gratuities, Bus Parking, Misc.: $38 per person

$888 per person


  1. November 28st - $150
  2. January 1st - $150
  3. February 3rd - $150
  4. March 2nd - $150
  5. April 1st - $150
  6. May 1st- $138

***Additional Information***

  • The prices above are based on 130 persons.
  • Prices are based on quad occupancy per room and three 50 passenger charter busses.
  • The Disney Dinning Card and Park tickets are the base rates for everyone and those prices are locked in.
  • 3 day theme park tickets are discounted only if the band participates in the parade. If the band decides not to perform or does not meet the audition requirements the 3 day theme park tickets will be the standard rate of $384pp (workshops are also available for a discounted price).
  • The first deposit of $150 is due November 28, 2019 to lock in the buses and rooms and to get an accurate count of everyone attending.
  • Remember prices are subject to change based on amount of people attending and the amount of persons per room.
  • Prices can increase or decrease.

Payment Methods

We accept many payment methods.